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About Unclenomics™


UncleNomics.com is the first and only online lifestyle destination for celebrating the important, positive, and often the out-of-the-box influence that has been the trademark of uncles and uncle-like characters in families, societies, literature, and throughout history. 


Our mission is to encourage more men to pick up the reins of serious Unclehood, and for parents, men and women, nephews and nieces, to invite those trusted men in their lives to be even more involved, engaged, and included. This site provides uncles (and those they’ve influenced) of all stripes and types with next-level information, perspectives, and inspiration that is, frankly, as unique and diverse as their roles in our families and society at large. 


More than just a parenting site spinoff, UncleNomics.com offers what you would expect from your uncle: unique perspectives, honest truths, common sense inspiration, sometimes sage advice, and of course, humor.  No joke! Let’s face it, a site dedicated to uncles is as overdue as uncles are overlooked and - if we’re honest - largely undervalued. 


It’s time for that to change. 


Wander the aisle of any bookstore or do a quick web search and you'll find motherhood, fatherhood, and parenthood books. Sites and resources abound. There are even useful sites for aunts and grandparents too. Sure, it takes a village, but uncles are most typically portrayed as the local malcontent or some kind of comical Shakespearean idiot. Sadly, this sits in opposition to the value uncles actually provide in healthy, vibrant, fun, and interesting families, not to mention society at-large. 


It is true: uncles are outliers. 


But consider this…where would Richard Branson be today without his grass-eating great uncle Jim, who showed him the “fine line between barmy and genius” and in doing so taught him the value of risk-taking and not being afraid to take the road less travelled. What Middle-Earth saving adventures ensued because “Uncle” Bilbo Baggins decided to ditch respectability, found the one ring, and then left it to his nephew, Frodo. Who would President Obama be without both his outspoken  “Uncle” Jeremiah Wright, or his steadfast and sage Vice President “Uncle” Joe Biden.  And who else could a messiah-in-waiting Jesus have gone to to launch his ministry, but  camel fur clad, preacher in the wilderness, “Uncle” John the Baptist. 


So, instead of being trivialized, it’s time we recognize uncles for the important and oft-times critical role their unique presence, essence, and attitude have, not only for our children, but also for us as we encounter and cross paths with these same characters throughout our lives. Uncles are all around us, coming in many forms – super-mentors, ridiculous entrepreneurs, life-changing teachers, faithful investors, outlandish bartenders, or that barber who just listens with interest and acceptance. They could be fleeting companions, or lifelong confidants. 


Eric “Wigdawg” Mason (full bio) is the founder, editor-and-chief of Unclenomics.  Eric has a lifelong curiosity for the inner workings of people, cultures, and organizations, and the stories that define them. He regularly speaks and consults with groups about finding and embracing their unique story and sharing it with the world.  Eric’s first book, “Unclehood” will be published in 2018.  

UNCLES. More important now than ever before...